Wine Theme
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Wine Theme

The Wine theme has been inspired by my visit to Argentina. This beautiful country with its vast diverse landscape has touched my soul. From the Andes mountains to the numerous lakes to the city of Buenos Aires, I felt home there. Mendoza specifically has touched a chord within me. I learned the art of wine making. The small Malbec grapes with their strong skin and dark purple colour, almost black melts in the mouth when eaten. The vineyards with the Andes mountains seen from far away took my breath away. From seeing these small grapes being turned into an explosion of wine, came the idea of my painting Grape Revolution. Here, I used mixed media to create the depth of the process. From acrylics to window paint and modelling paste to depict the explosion of grapes from their crude state among vine leaves emerging to becoming liquid. Thus, the process of grape to wine is portrayed in the same painting.

The beauty of the Malbec grapes themselves can be seen in my painting honoured in their name Malbec. Here, the Malbec grapes are imbedded in their beautiful autumn leaves with their reddish-yellowish-leftover green colours. The Malbec grapes themselves in the painting are lush and almost three-dimensional, hoping the viewer is tempted to pick and taste them.

My fascination of painting grape leaves was triggered by the colour complexity and the variety in the shape of the leaves. The change varies not only from the grape type in the vineyards (Malbec, Petit Verdot, Bonarda, Cabernet-Sauvignon or Sauvignon blanc) but the grape leaves evolve constantly over the seasons and are also sensitive to the weather’s exposition.

I hope you will enjoy my paintings in the Wine theme.