New Painting: JUST-ice/ US MEN
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New Painting: JUST-ice/ US MEN

I am excited to introduce to you my latest painting JUST-ICE/US MEN. Portraying the scales of justice don’t balance for women. The law disregards domestic violence and other injustices towards women. Here, women are pictured as flowers of life and men as flesh eating plants, who weigh down the scales favourably.

The scales of justice is a symbol used in the world over as presentations of modern law. They symbolize the idea of the fair distribution of law, with no influence of bias, privilege or corruption.The scales are here in gold demonstrating power and wealth.

Each side of the scales can be thought of as one side of a case before the court. As each side presents evidence and argument, the scales tip to one side or the other. The judge, or jury, is responsible for determining which side is heavier when all the evidence and argument has been presented.

The scales represented here are those depicting WOMEN EQUALITY in society. Even though women are the child bearing genders in society, thus characterised as flowers of life here (Corn flowers, daisies…), they bear no weight in justice. The justice is ruled by men ( JUST-ice, the ice in the word can be replaced by US meaning just us Men in the Judicial system). Men characterised by the meat eating plants in the painting tip the scales to their advantage even with corruption and violence present.